Capital Commentary is a weekly current-affairs publication of the Center for Public Justice. Published since 1996, it is written to encourage the pursuit of justice. Commentaries do not necessarily represent an official position of the Center for Public Justice but are intended to help advance discussion.
Midterm Elections: Turning Battles into Opportunities
by Amy E. Black

The midterm elections present us with the opportunity to practice meaningful political discourse rather than engaging in divisive political battles.

Other Cheek Diplomacy?
by William Edgar

We must grapple with all of Scripture when considering the demands of proper patience or protective justice in ongoing conflicts.

Politics and Prose
by Byron Borger

Byron Borger reviews an exciting new DVD curriculum that explores Christian cultural engagement and draws on the intellectual and theological heritage that has shaped the Center for Public Justice.

Wisdom: The Missing Agency of Foreign Policy
by Charles Strohmer

The wisdom traditions of the Ancient Near East offer significant insight for our foreign policy dilemmas today.